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LuxMC is hiring!

Our team at Lux Machina Consulting is hiring! We are currently expanding and looking to fill the below roles:

Technician - assist with setup and configuration of playback, video or network systems
Engineer - lead teams of technicians and design playback, video or network systems. Assist with higher level solutions and problem solving.
Show Programmers - interface with show creative to program media servers and lighting consoles in traditional show environments. Responsible for the proper operation of show control equipment
Project Managers - responsible for the overall running of a project, and all the details related to task tracking and client management. In some capacities this role could be more technical dependent on experience
Fall Interns - PAID Interest in Unreal Engine and VFX lighting a must.

We are looking for bright, eager and detail-oriented individuals looking to learn more about real-time graphics, media servers, video engineering, display technology and lighting. The below experience is extremely helpful but not required. We will train new hires in playback workflow and real-time graphics engines (i.e. Unreal Engine, Notch using Disguise, etc).
* Project or Production Management experience for Live Events
* LED and Projection system setup and calibration
* Media Server (watchout, Hippo, Disguise, Mbox) programming and system engineering
* Know how to write plugins for Unreal and be comfortable with the Unreal build system
* 3D Math (linear algebra)
* Shading Languages a plus (HLSL etc)
* Understanding of the entire 3D rendering pipeline
* Experience working with Maya or other DCC software
* Experience with performance profiling in Unreal
* Experience creating functional levels in Unreal
* Excellent knowledge of Unreal Blueprint and gameplay system development
* Experience with Perforce and/or other source control software

Please email with your resume and job title in the description.