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Solo - Wrapping Principal and our time at Pinewood

Solo - Wrapping Principal and our time at Pinewood

That is a wrap on our latest project!

I could not be more proud of the work done by the team at Lux Machina Consulting. Over 300 man days on set by 3 project managers and 3 media server programmers, I cannot wait to share with everyone what we have accomplished and helped build with an amazing visual effects team at Industrial Light and Magic.


ICG Interview Article - 2017

We had the opportunity to be included in the ICG Magazine Article to talk about work creating immersive environments, creative screens control, and helping bring creative flexibility to complex projection and LED setups.


Join host Larry Jordan as he talks with Phil Galler, Heath McKnight, Allison O’Keefe, Michael Kammes, Dan Page, and James DeRuvo.

When you need really stunning visuals for a major project, who do you turn to? The team at Lux Machina. Tonight we talk with Phil Galler, Co-Founder of Lux Machina Consulting about how they turned “Rogue One,” “Oblivion,” the “Emmy’s,” Golden Globes,” and many more, into works of art.