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LuxMC is hiring!

Our team at Lux Machina Consulting is hiring! We are currently expanding and looking to fill the below roles:

Technician - assist with setup and configuration of playback, video or network systems
Engineer - lead teams of technicians and design playback, video or network systems. Assist with higher level solutions and problem solving.
Show Programmers - interface with show creative to program media servers and lighting consoles in traditional show environments. Responsible for the proper operation of show control equipment
Project Managers - responsible for the overall running of a project, and all the details related to task tracking and client management. In some capacities this role could be more technical dependent on experience
Fall Interns - PAID Interest in Unreal Engine and VFX lighting a must.

We are looking for bright, eager and detail-oriented individuals looking to learn more about real-time graphics, media servers, video engineering, display technology and lighting. The below experience is extremely helpful but not required. We will train new hires in playback workflow and real-time graphics engines (i.e. Unreal Engine, Notch using Disguise, etc).
* Project or Production Management experience for Live Events
* LED and Projection system setup and calibration
* Media Server (watchout, Hippo, Disguise, Mbox) programming and system engineering
* Know how to write plugins for Unreal and be comfortable with the Unreal build system
* 3D Math (linear algebra)
* Shading Languages a plus (HLSL etc)
* Understanding of the entire 3D rendering pipeline
* Experience working with Maya or other DCC software
* Experience with performance profiling in Unreal
* Experience creating functional levels in Unreal
* Excellent knowledge of Unreal Blueprint and gameplay system development
* Experience with Perforce and/or other source control software

Please email with your resume and job title in the description.

Solo - Wrapping Principal and our time at Pinewood

Solo - Wrapping Principal and our time at Pinewood

That is a wrap on our latest project!

I could not be more proud of the work done by the team at Lux Machina Consulting. Over 300 man days on set by 3 project managers and 3 media server programmers, I cannot wait to share with everyone what we have accomplished and helped build with an amazing visual effects team at Industrial Light and Magic.


Creative Screens Control @ NHL Awards 2017 and Golden Knights Expansion Draft!

The NHL had their annual award show last night at the T-Mobile Arena. The show this year included the Golden Knights expansion draft, which added a really dynamic component to the show! We engineered the creative screens servers and programmed the show. Production Design by Silent House and Lighting Design by Tom Kenny.


ICG Interview Article - 2017

We had the opportunity to be included in the ICG Magazine Article to talk about work creating immersive environments, creative screens control, and helping bring creative flexibility to complex projection and LED setups.