Philip Galler


Co-founder and CTO, Phil Galler is truly passionate and genuinely invested in bringing the benefits of technology like high-end media servers, automated lighting, LED and projection systems to broadcast and film projects as well as themed entertainment attractions. Offering a deep understanding of the underlying technology and tools available, he composes unique, yet practical solutions that always work to cinematographers, lighting designers and producers. Instrumental in spearheading today’s use of interactive, immersive onset lighting to accompany ever-changing VFX workflow, he has extensive knowledge of motion picture and broadcast sets and the intricacies of acquisition through post-production.

Zach Alexander

Chief Operating Officer

Zach Alexander, Co-founder and COO employs his vast experience from motion picture lighting, video installations, and live broadcast events, to bring technical solutions to varied entertainment clientele. Whether the job calls for complex onset immersive lighting environments, VJ set-ups, or live video playback on giant LED screens watched my millions, Alexander establishes a stress saving workflow and keeps a cool head under pressure. From pre-vis and problem solving to logistics and execution, his engineering know-how, organizational skills and overall resourcefulness combine to adeptly handle the technical end of projects so clients are free to concentrate on being their most creative.