“Do I need a Media Server...? This question comes up all the time when talking to our clients who are looking to upgrade an existing show. 

Maybe you are thinking of adding LED walls and more complex projection to your show, but aren't sure if you really need a media server. After all, content got to the projection screen before, why should anything be different this time?

Media Servers offer unparralled flexibility when it comes to delivering creative content on high resolution displays, with the added benefit of real time manipulation. As resolutions and screen counts go up, media servers can help flex your creativity in terms of manipulating placement, color, adding effects and responsiveness—all in real time.


Phil’s 5 Benefits 

1. Control: Gain real time control over placement, blending, scale and other normally baked-in compositing techniques

2. Efficiency: Push significantly more content than traditional playback sources

3. Time Saver: Cueing, responsiveness and speed that is unprecedented compared to traditional playback.

4. Cost Saver: Save on re-rendering time by making changes to color, adding blur, and other effects to alter the appearance of your prerendered content

5. Creative Freedom: Most media servers come with stock content libraries to instantly add to your creative resources, (especially useful for shows without completely curated content)


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As CTO/co-founder of Lux Machina Consulting, Phil Galler brings his ample experience in high-end media servers, automated lighting, LED and projection systems to major award show live broadcasts, international broadcast events and big box office feature films. With a gift for making sense of the latest technology, software and support solutions, lighting designers and screens producers count on his expertise to help wow audiences.